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Ideal’s at-home skilled nursing provided by RNs and LPNs.

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Restoring Strength. Restoring Life.

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A care path to mental wellness.

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Patients are the priority.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our patients by providing compassionate, high-quality, home health care with our caring and highly skilled staff.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional, cost-effective, family focused care for the medically complex patient in the nurturing environment of their home.

Ideal Home Health Care is consistently ranked 4-stars across the board with regard to all aspects of our service, and all of our referrals come from doctors, which speaks volumes.

Headquartered in Westlake Ohio, Ideal Home Health Care provides skilled nursing, cardio pulmonary care, orthopedic rehabilitation, and mental health and wellness in the comfort of your home. We do so with concierge level service and experienced clinicians who work closely with your physician or surgeon to provide the highest level of care available.

High-quality clinical outcomes, extraordinary customer service and minimal patient/family anxiety are just a few of the benefits when you choose ideal home healthcare as your premier home care provider. We are committed to spending time with you and your loved ones to help you navigate through the treatment gaps of postacute care by coordinating with your physicians office, the hospital, your equipment providers, and skilled nursing facilities. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

To learn more about Ideal Home Health Care and how wonderful healthcare in your home can be, call us and let your providers know that you choose Ideal Home Health Care.

Orthopedic care and rehabilitation services:

At Ideal Home Healthcare, our clinicians specialize in treating postoperative joints, acute injuries, or every day injuries, arthritis, and amputations. Rehabilitation is essential to restore your activity, strength, and motion right after injury or surgery. A patient typically has deficiencies and weaknesses which could be eliminated or alleviated via specific targeted workouts. A specialized therapist will show you and teach you the appropriate therapeutic interventions designed to restore and enhance function and minimize problems. Our therapist are educated about surgical procedures and are able to adapt and adjust their knowledge to treat each individual patient.

Our program and treatments include but are not limited to:

• Home safety evaluations
• Stretching
• Strengthening
• Balance
• Passive stretching and joint mobilizations
• Modalities to decrease swelling and increased circulation and healing time

For more information regarding our orthopedic rehabilitation program, call or let your healthcare provider know you choose Ideal Home Healthcare.

Mental health and wellness:

When most people think of home healthcare, they tend to focus on physical injuries or illnesses. However, at Ideal Home Healthcare, we realize that mental health is an important part of our overall health and can directly affect our physical well-being. That’s why we created Balance, A Care Path To Wellness. We support the treatment of individuals and help them and their families live with and recover from mental illness’s. Our qualified team of psychiatric nurses and social workers work with psychiatrist and psychologist to create a plan of care to support an individual’s treatment and management of daily life.

We care for patients with mental health conditions or disorders including but not limited to:

• Anxiety
• Hoarding
• Bipolar
• Schizophrenia
• Depression
• Grief
• Personality disorders

For more information in regards to Balance, A Care Path To Wellness, please call or let your healthcare provider know that you choose Ideal Home Healthcare.